Video killed the Radio Star?

Air3 Radio says Hell No!

The station is run ‘for students by students’ and whilst getting into the studio for the first time can be nerve wracking it’s also exhilarating. The fun you can have is well worth angst.


The station has recently added podcast capabilities to its repertoire and this is where I decided to focus my effort. Mainly because I love listening to podcasts myself, so it seemed obvious to go for it.


You can pretty much do a show or podcast on anything you want at all. You could literally write a whole drama and get your friends from Musical Theatre to act it out. Or you could do a show on why you love Pizza so much. Mmmmm Pizza.




Any way…


My pod is about yoga and wellness… sometimes Pizza.  Anyone who’s met me for more than 5 minutes knows I’m all about the Yoga. Plus, a bit of self-care never hurt anyone especially not in the stressful times of exams and meeting new people that we encounter when starting university.


The station is the oldest student radio station in Scotland and they’ve just won an award in 2018 for the Best National Media Society, these guys know what they’re doing.

I contacted the station director Harry Mitchell (the station co-ordinator) who was helpful adding me to their members Facebook Group and sending me their signup sheet so I could let them know when I was available to POD.


As I’ve said you can decide to do a show or pod on whatever you want. But if you just can’t decide on a topic just yet, never fear. You can join one of the regular programmes covering news, sports, music and other features. Meeting and working with other students to create great content.  You don’t have to be on the air either there’s plenty of opportunities to be behind the scenes. Interviewing people for the news and music channel, picking songs and lining up bands to interview.


If you want to get into a media career the radio station could be a great place to start. Some of the previous members have gone on to careers in mainstream media such as Greg McHugh – Gary: Tank Commander (TV Show), Ally McCrae – a former BBC Radio 1 Nations presenter and  Michael Hines – a director of Still Game.



Keeping up with what’s going on at the station is super easy. You can go to their public Facebook page and Twitter. You can find the actual studio in the Robbins Centre at the Uni.


So, hey, give it a go! you never know you might end up a radio star! Or you know have loads of fun with your friends and maybe get Pizza after?

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