Socialist Students: The future of Independent Scotland.



Socialist behavior is key to having a classless society, where all common public is put on level-playing ground when it comes to reaping profits. No more, no less.

The Scottish Socialist Party Society in University of Stirling , a student branch of Scottish Socialist Party is working towards their one and only goal – to provide every common man access to common wealth.


What does the Scottish Socialist Party want to achieve?

  • It wants to raise minimum wage to the £10/hour.
  • The party wants to promote the availability of healthy and nutritious food in schools.
  • Wants people to hold on to community centers and protesting against those who want to tear it down.
  • They want to create awareness on more home-building activities, because it not only reduces the social housing wait-list but also creates more skilled jobs.

What does the Scottish Socialist Party Society offer it’s student members?

  • Detailed discussions about the working of the society during weekly meetings.
  • Creating activities such as putting up a stall showcasing their main campaign which is – making people aware that they should be able to live off their minimum wage.
  • A better clarity and perspective about what the students can do to help bring change into the society.

“A nation will not survive morally or economically,

when few have so much,

while so many have so little” – Bernie Sanders

The society helps its students in learning the techniques on how to control the changes they can make rather than allowing the people with authority to make changes for them; the changes that are not always beneficial for the society.

The students are encouraged to use their individual power and find it within themselves to improve the economic standing of the common man. This action taken today, will only benefit them later on in life when they won’t have to struggle in making ends meet.

Events held by Scottish Socialist Party Society:

Weekly meetings, stalls in Thistles Shopping Centre & trips to Edinburgh and Glasgow to promote their campaigns.

Want to become a member? Join today for £5!

Further information? Drop in a message on our Facebook page.

Future events by Scottish Socialist Party:

The Scottish Socialist Party’s Annual Conference is on the 10th November. £10 for waged and £5 for unwaged attendees.


Do you support the visions of Scottish Socialist Party for an independent Scotland? If yes, join the party!

Click here for further information about the party.


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