Don’t get into spleen, go green!

Are you passionate about the environment, caring for nature and compassionate with all livings on Earth? Do you recycle, eat sustainably and treat the planet with respect? However, you still feel like you want to do more?

If this is the case, then there is a great opportunity just within your reach to engage in activities beneficial for our planet and contribute to the communal wellbeing. The Environmental Enterprises society at Stirling Uni is a perfect way to get you involved in changing the world for better together with a team of dedicated and extremely passionate young people who live and breathe by the thought of better and sustainable future that we can achieve.

What exactly is it that WE do? 

There is a variety of activities the society organises and the members of the board ensure that the events are regular and consistent. Amongst the many exciting things you can participate in as a member (but even a non-member) of the club there are:

  • gardening activities
  • DIY and crafts workshops
  • documentary screenings and discussions
  • food preparation and baking sessions
  •  trips to nature, e.g. mushroom foraging
  • campaigns for raising awareness, petitions


The society also plays an important role in many cases related to the environment on and off campus and acts as an advocate for a good cause. Recently, a concern about the change of the bus shuttle timetable on campus was raised by the committee of the society and it was argued that an increase in the frequency of these buses would be unsustainable and not ecological. As a result of this, the case was further reconsidered and fewer links were added.


Each one of the activities is well organised and well prepared, easily accessible, as they are usually located on the campus or in close surroundings of Stirling, and all materials, transport and equipment is provided for the participants. The events never lack great fun and friendly and welcoming atmosphere for everyone. In the gardening events members of the society usually pick a place at/around the university campus and do a makeover of the place by planting new trees or picking litter from the green areas. DIY and crafts workshops are especially creative and engaging while also perfectly suitable for everyone regardless of their skills or experience at the same time.


A recent DIY bodycare workshop was focused on making plant based natural cosmetics without using harmful chemical preservatives that create dangerous waste for the environment. Participants left the workshop not only enriched by a valuable experience and knowledge but also with lots of handmade cosmetics such as honey infused face masks, indulgent lavender and herbal shower gels made from essential oils or coconut oil and shea butter revitalising hair balsams. That’s lush…

When and where can you honour us with your presence? 

Apart from attending workshops and trips, weekly meetings are an important part in achieving the society’s objectives and are valuable to all members as relevant issues get discussed and there is always a great exchange of knowledge that is essential in developing further strategies for the club.

The society meets twice a week, on Mondays and Tuesdays at 6:30pm  which provides everyone with a great opportunity to come and take part at least once a week, as we understand how difficult it can be sometimes to organise and prioritise your scarce spare time outside your lecture or seminar hours.

On Mondays, a food huddle is held to which all the members of the society are expected to bring a home made vegan and vegetarian food and share with others. While the atmosphere is really relaxed and people enjoy the food they bring, conversations are always very focused on relevant topics and a lot of advice is given on how to, for example, find sustainably grown vegetables in the local area.

On Tuesdays, slightly more serious issues get debated and there is documentary screening on a chosen topic that is followed by a group discussion.

To make sure you get notified about the place of the meeting and hear about everything exciting that is coming up you should follow the organisation’s Facebook page or you can join the society directly here!

 You know it is right, when it feels right

There’s nothing more motivating and encouraging than knowing that what you do is appreciated and that you are not on your own. The great thing about the Environmental Enterprises is that everyone in the society shares the same values and beliefs and this reflects on the way they live and act. Of course, we understand more than anyone else that this is not always the case with being in society. We, exactly like you, often feel misunderstood, unappreciated or even ridiculed for our views by others. It is this particular reason why we consider the society so important. It is the sense of belonging that it provides that is important and that’s why all members of the society are made feel most welcome from the very first time they join the group. We would love to welcome you in our community and we are already extremely excited about working on the better future for our planet with YOU. 

In case you are still looking for more information about what’s being done about the environmental issues here in Scotland visit the Scottish Environment Protection Agency‘s website and read more about the climate change, its impact and what you can do to help.

Join the Environmental Enterprises now. Click here!

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