Are you a Podcast puppy?

Will my podcast be any good? Will anyone listen? Do students even give a sh*t about wellness?

Who knows? I decided to make a podcast anyway!

I am an avid listener of podcasts. I mean I just love a pod. From the Daily Zeitgeist to, Dear Hank and John to Woman’s Hour daily podcast. I just love em. They are a great way to stay in touch with what’s going on in the world or get more of what you already love.

So when I got the opportunity to give it a go myself at Air3 Stirling Universities radio station I jumped at the chance. I got in touch with the station manager (Harry) and he hooked me up with the members Facebook page.

I signed up and off I went to make the best podcast ever! (spoiler alert; probably not).

The studios are pretty comprehensive and cool. They have one for live radio and one for podcasts. Which is brand new- it’s so shiny!

At the station, you can do a pod on just about anything. You could do a pod on why Beyonce should be made the next President of the USA. Or why you love cookies so much…..



My pod is a whimsical take on yoga and wellness. This includes the good bad and ugly parts of practicing yoga, our favorite healthy and unhealthy foods and practicing one piece of new self-care each week and reporting back on it.

I went to the kickoff show on Thursday where they aired the first show. The Society ran workshops which were a crash course in how to use the equipment these were really helpful so you don’t panic when you were in there by yourself.

You might be wondering why do a pod rather than a radio program? For me, it was the fact I had control and could edit it before it went out. This gives you the opportunity to add in effects – some people are doing dramas which could really benefit from this. When your show is talking about something specific you are more likely to hit your target audience if they can choose to listen any time, which means you can make it more appealing and relevant to your audience.

I interviewed Kim (a second year) who is new to the radio station to find out why she decided to join the radio station society.

‘At summer camp my best friend there had a radio station at their Uni and they were always talking about how fun it was. When I came across the Air3 radio stall at the fresher’s fair they enticed me to join.  Everyone has been so friendly and helpful so far, I’m glad I did! I’m part of the musical theatre society and me and my friends are thinking of doing a musical theatre podcast which is really exciting.’

Doing the pod has been so much fun. It has let me find out even more about something I love and tell other people about it at the same time. It has opened a whole new world and a group of friends and I would highly recommend it. If you fancy giving my pod a listen you can listen here.

To hear from someone who’s done this successfully already, Joel Zammit from Sanspants Radio, who made a life of podcasting starting on student radio and podcasting did an excellent interview about podcasting. He has gone on to tour the world with his podcast live, this interview is full of hints and tips you can use.

Keeping up with what’s going on at the station is super easy. You can go to there public Facebook page, Instagram and twitter. You can find the actual studio in the Robbins Centre at the Uni.

If you want more information on student radio, in general, you can get more here. 



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