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We all know, a big change is needed to save the world. There is no way for an individual to stop the climate change. BUT if we want to change the people around us or the industry, we have to start small – the starting point is always ourselves. The big question everybody has in their head is just “how”. That’s what we, the ‘Environmental Enterprises’ society, want to show you.



The first step people tend to take is to start a plant-based nutrition. The purpose of veganism is to stop the cruelty against animals. Moreover, it is less harmful to our environment; as the production of meat and dairy products takes a lot of nature’s resources. Changing your diet is quite an easy measure that everyone can take. Nevertheless, sometimes it’s not easy to keep up with your social life at the same time, as there are limited vegan choices when you travel away from home. If you need help with finding vegan-friendly places, there is an app called “Happy Cow”; in which you can find these places around the world. Also, if you try to find new ideas for your vegan kitchen at home, join us on Mondays! We organise a Food Huddle, where everyone brings self-made vegan/vegetarian food. During this event, you can try all dishes and ask for the accompanying recipes as well. Not only we enjoy delicious food, but we also play games and interact. It should be a place to get inspired, make new friends and where you can find acceptance and understanding.



But what comes next? I turned vegan in March 2018 and after some time you start asking yourself “Is this all I can do to make the world a better place?”. The answer is NO, there are more ways to contribute to a healthy environment. The Environmental Enterprises society tries to help you with that. During our meetings we share knowledge, enable discussions, watch documentaries and be an inspiration for each other to do better and improve our sustainable way of living while we are studying in Stirling.


One big issue, which is often in the centre of our discussions, is plastic waste. More and more newspapers bring up reports about the pollution of our oceans caused by plastic. And we often face the question “How to live without it?”. When it comes to the reduction of plastic in your life, the (soon to be ex-) president of our society is the first point of contact. Last month she joined a challenge focused on the reduction of the usage of single-use plastic. She can offer a lot of helpful tips and you can also read about her experience in her blog article “My first plastic free challenge”.



Our next upcoming event:

D.I.Y. Body Care Workshop – 19th Oct 2018 (11 a.m.)

Almost all of us use body-care products (shampoo, conditioner, body cream…), but are these sustainable? Usually sold in single-use plastic, they often contain products or substances that tested on animals. Of course, nobody wants to give up on this “luxury”, therefore we want to show you how to produce your own substitutes that are sustainable, zero environmental impact and plastic-free. It is an interactive, hands-on workshop. No harmful chemicals, no synthetic compounds – just natural ingredients.

Join us on the upcoming Friday to our Do It Yourself Body Care Workshop.

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