Make your own Fairy Tales


Ever dreamed of finding your prince charming or living in a fantasy world, where a beautiful princess meets a prince and fall in love and spend their entire life together. Every girl dreams of a prince for whom she waits and wants to be treated as a princess. Even in their childhood, every girl wants to dress like a princess wearing a gown and a fairy stick in her hand. Even if not having a king or prince in your life, you always wish to become your Dad’s little princess. Every father use to call her daughter a little princess, and you never want to stop hearing it. You love watching Disney and playing with the Disney dolls.



Remember an animated film ‘Cinderella’ in which she was living with her step mother and went to a castle, where the prince was searching for his soulmate and she left a shoe there unknowingly, which helped the prince to find the girl and they just lived happily ever after together.



Another example can be ‘Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs’, in which Snow White is a beautiful princess and there is a jealous evil queen tried to kill her and she used a poisoned apple to send Snow White into the sleeping death (a magically induced comma) and the only cure for sleeping death is ‘Love’s First Kiss’. And at the end she got saved by a prince’s first kiss and the happy ending again.

For those who love watching Disney shows like this, and  wanted to enjoy being in a fantasy world, as they did in their childhood or interested in fairy tales, Stirling University Disney Appreciation Society is the best place for them to enjoy and cherish your memories, as it celebrates all things Disney and never grow up.


Stirling University Disney Appreciation Society

Disney Appreciation Society organizes various events for the one who enjoys Disney and wants to be a part of Disney Appreciation Society. This year they have many activities in store from Disney Karaoke and Halloween Pumpkin Painting to murder mysteries and film night. Recently Disney Appreciation Society hosted an event named Disney Villains Pub Crawl which is open to all and where people need to come in their best villain Disney bounds. If any of this sounds like your cup of tea, feel free to join.


Want to join?

To be a member of Disney Appreciation Society, you need to take a membership of clubs and societies for 5£ and then get a membership of Disney Appreciation Society of 10£. To know more about the society and get more event updates check their Facebook and Instagram.

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