For The Love of Boob!

Source: CoppaFeel!

Picture this: a group of women wearing a giant boob costume (lovingly called Barbara), happily distributing leaflets and boob-shaped merchandise. Sounds like something you should know more about? I agree!
We are Stirling’s Uni Boob Team – raising awareness of breast cancer and helping you get to know your boobs by planning fun events all around Scotland.



As much as we love to do it, our boob checking is not just a fun past time activity. We officially represent the breast cancer awareness charity CoppaFeel! at Stirling University. As the pun in its name suggests, it’s all about copping a feel, and turning self check-ups into something totally normal. CoppaFeel! exists because the lack of health education in the UK and its refusal to talk about issues surrounding breasts has irreversably impacted its founders, Kristen and Maren Hallenga through a late cancer diagnosis. To prevent this from happening to anyone else, they made it their mission to educate women all over the country.

Source: CoppaFeel!

But what makes CoppaFeel! so special, you might ask. How about a little overview:
  • Raising awareness amongst young people (that’s us!)
  • Working for the desexualisation of breasts in our society
  • Providing handy graphics like the Boob Check 101
  • And planning nationwide campaigns like #brahijack and #rethinkcancer

At Stirling University

It really just changes lives – it is helping other people while also helping yourself. – Emily Hencher, the society’s president.
While CoppaFeel! sounds like an amazing organisation, I’m sure you’d like to know how exactly we represent it on Campus. The answer? By bringing boob chat to students through various fun events: competitions, pub quizzes, glitter parties, and information summits all about the boobs. We believe in the three E’s: Educate, Empower, and Encourage. It is especially important to us to create a safe space for all the students who want to get involved, because a relaxed atmosphere is essential to normalise all your boob-related questions
This year, our motto is “inclusivity”. We’re planning various collaborations with other societies, such as the LGBTQ society or the Volunteering Society, giving us a wider reach than ever before. Additionally, we believe it’s time to let men join the discussion – because checking your pecs is just as important as checking your boobs.


Now, the power is in your hands (literally). Every student dreams to change the world a little – with us, you can do just that! Just this week, we will be taking our campaign to a higher level and speak before the Stirling council to demand a commitment from the government concerning health education reforms.
So, how do you get involved? You must: love boobs and buns (boob puns) and using your voice for an important cause! We meet up every second Tuesday at 6:30pm, don’t be shy and come meet our commiTITie and our boob-tastic team members!
For more information, follow us on Facebook or check out our Instagram! And if you love your boobs, and really want to meet Barbara, join us!

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