You Can’t Judge a Boob by Its Cover

“Glitter, T-shirts, Boobs” – what may sound like an advertisement for a wet t-shirt contest, is actually a good description of what the Stirling University Boob Team is all about. The Boob Team is part of CoppaFeel!, a breast cancer charity. Their main goal is to get you to check your boobs – or pecs! – on a regular basis to familiarize with your body and recognize signs of cancer as soon as possible.

Source: CoppaFeel!

Know Your Normal – CoppaFeel!

Source: CoppaFeel!

CoppaFeel! has been founded in 2009 by Kris Hallenga and her twin sister. Kris was diagnosed with incurable breast cancer in her early 20s. Overwhelmed with the realisation that breast cancer is not an `old-people only issue´, she decided to fill the gap of breast cancer awareness targeting younger people. Starting as a two-member team, the organisation has grown over the years and promotes their cause on festivals around the UK, organising various fundraising activities, and innovative campaigns. With campaigns like #TrustYourTouch, they want to break the stigma around boobs being something indecent and breast cancer being something only older people can get.

To Kill Two Boobs with One Stone

If you are looking for a society, where you can dedicate your creative and organizational talents to a boobcellent cause, or just really love talking about boobs, the Boob Team might be the right place for you. Stirling’s Boob Team was first founded in 2011 and was picked back up by president Emily in 2015. Like their boob-comrades, the society started out rather small but the team has grown and currently has 15 members spreading the boob love. The society does not only offer a relaxed environment to meet new people but also spreads awareness about a serious topic in a humorous kind of way with their diverse events.

The Boob Team tries to come up with creative new events every year and brainstorm and organize their events during their meetings. This year’s motto is `Inclusivity´ to show that breast cancer can happen to anyone – yes this means MEN TOO! Even though campaigns are mostly targeting women, as they are more likely to get breast cancer, men can be affected as well!

Source: UBT

To stay true to the motto, they collaborate with other societies like the LGBTQ society. One event to start off October, breast cancer awareness month, was last week’s Inclusivity Mixer at Fubar. At the event, there were games like the boob spoon walk, bra pong, and boobin for boobs. And to boob it all off, you could also enjoy cocktails like the nipple tipple, the nip slip, and the mai tits while playing these fun games.

A future event that you can look forward to is the Glitter Party at Fubar – yup, this is where the promised glitter comes in- where the team will put glitter and fake tattoos on you. Another fun event will be their Boob Dodgeball tournament all complete with boob-shaped balls. Other events and socials like pub crawls and pub quizzes are planned as well. The society’s various events combine education with fun activities. If that doesn’t convince you to join, you might want to know that the society has a special member: Barbara, their boob costume (pictured above).

Talk Boob To Me

Besides glitter, boob balls, and cocktails, the Boob Team also works closely together with the city council to raise awareness and
have educational events at schools around Stirling. This is particularly dear to Emily and the rest of the team. Last year, the Boob Team collaborated with a private boarding school in Dunblane and worked closely together with a group of girls to raise money for CoppaFeel!. The team will also set up a stall at the Thistle Shopping Centre and give out booby goody bags.

Another service they offer in collaboration with CoppaFeel! is their monthly check-up reminder. To set that up simply text UBT STIR to 70500 – yup it’s that easy – piece of boob.

Want to Help Spread the Boob Love?

The team meets every second Tuesday at 6.30 pm. To become a member, you’ll have to buy the Union membership for £5, the society itself is completely free – you’ll even get a t-shirt, stickers, and badges! To keep updated on any events the follow them on Facebook and Instagram, or contact them through e-mail.

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