FLYTE Magazine

Welcome to the first and only issue of FLYTE!

This isn’t a real magazine, but a showcase for some compelling Scottish periodicals of the 1960s-90s. Independently published by small groups of passionate writers and activists, these magazines had an impact well beyond their modest circulations, and generated a whole range of debates and connections we can recognise in today’s Scotland.

Placing the spotlight on Scottish International, Chapman, Radical Scotland and Harpies & Quines, FLYTE aims to give a flavour of why these magazines are fascinating, relevant and well worth re-discovering today.  The magazine includes a synoptic essay by Richard Price, and doubles as an introduction to the work of the Scottish Magazines Network. Just click above to explore the digital version of FLYTE.

Many thanks to Alice Piotrowska and James Hutcheson for their work designing and illustrating FLYTE, to our NLS partners for assistance with reprographics, and to various members of the network for their assistance in checking magazine profiles.

Print copies of FLYTE are also available: just email scott(dot)hames(at)