The network is interested in a wide range of relevant titles, and is learning about new magazines all the time. So far we have commissioned or published profiles of the following:

Magazine Author NLS Archive
Akros (1965-83) Richie McCaffery NLS  
Aquarius (1969-2002) James Campbell NLS  
Calgacus (1975-76) Rory Scothorne NLS  
Chapman (1970- ) [in FLYTE] Scott Hames NLS Chapman website
Free-Winged Eagle (1979-81) Harry Josephine Giles NLS Spirit of Revolt
Harpies & Quines (1992-94) [in FLYTE] Scott Hames NLS  
Msprint (1978-81) Rachael Alexander and Charlotte Lauder NLS Spirit of Revolt
New Edinburgh Review (1969-84) James Campbell NLS  
Poor. Old. Tired. Horse. (1962-67) Richie McCaffery NLS Ubu Web
Question [Q] Magazine (1975-77) Ben Jackson    
Radical Scotland (1982-91) [in FLYTE] Scott Hames NLS  
Sidewalk (1960) Richie McCaffery NLS  
Scottish International (1968-74) [in FLYTE] Scott Hames NLS  
Scottish Journal (1952-4) Sarah Leith NLS  
Scottish Women’s Liberation Journal (1977-78) Rachael Alexander and Charlotte Lauder NLS  
7 Days (1977-78) Rory Scothorne NLS  
West Highland Free Press (1972- ) Rory Scothorne NLS WHFP website

Other titles we’d eventually like to profile include (chronologically):

Gairm (1952-2002), Lines Review (1954-98),  Migrant (1959-60), New Saltire (1961-64), Cleft (1963-4), Feedback (1966-67), Catalyst (1967-74),  Scotia and Scotia Review (1970-99), Scottish Review (1975-85), Crann-Tàra (1977-82), Cencrastus (1979-2006), Glasgow Magazine (1982-86), Edinburgh Review (1984- ), Variant (1984-94, 1996-2012), ALBA (1986-92), Common Sense (1987-99), West Coast Magazine (1988-98) – not an exhaustive list!