On this page, you can access some of the resources we’re creating as we undertake research to inform the design of a prototype learnable Open Data platform.



The DCS team participated in the 2020 Scottish Open Data Unconference (SODU2020).  There, we ran discussion sessions using this video as a prompt:


Association of Internet Researchers (2020)

You can read our extended abstract here: AoIR2020 Abstract_final.

Design outputs

Personas and scenarios – imagining use-cases

Following interviews with a range of potential stakeholders and users, we have created design personas and scenarios that aim to illustrate different ways in which users might engage with a “Waste Commons Scotland” platform.  You can access pdfs of these by clicking on the links below.

DCS Personas 2020.

DCS Scenarios 2020

GitHub repositories

Also see our GitHub repositories which contain short write-ups about and code for some of the more technology-oriented aspects of our project.