Bringing uncovered sport into the light

Date: 27th November 2018

PACE News caught up with Grant Sheldon to find out what it’s like being a professional triathlete:



From the Military to the Streets: Sport of the Day

Ailsa Harvey


Using obstacles such as buildings and environmental structures, freerunning is not just a sport but a form of expression. Freerunners interact with these obstacles, performing various moves. These commonly include flipping and spinning. Some movements are adopted from sports such as gymnastics and breakdancing, but new moves can also be created.

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Scotland Win Curling European Championship

Matthew Moffatt


Scotland have been crowned Curling European Champions after beating defending champions Sweden in a tense repeat of last years final.

Scotland triumphed after capturing a steal of three when Sweden captain Edin’s last stone to tie the match was wide of the target. Scotland’s victory ended Sweden’s 10 match unbeaten streak.

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