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Date: 6th November 2018

Down to Earth: Sport of the Day

Ailsa Harvey


Falling through the sky from a plane, at an average speed of 120mph, skydiving is unsurprisingly considered an extreme sport. The sport involves freefalling; gradually accelerating to reach terminal velocity. A parachute is deployed when closer to the ground and in cases of World Record attempts this requires great cognitive strength and quick thinking.

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Flipping Bikes and Scooters – You Got This Tour

Harry McArthur


The Nitro Circus tour is hitting the UK and France in two weeks, coming to the SSE Hydro in Glasgow on the 21st of November. The show will feature multiple X-Game medallists as well as several Nitro Games world champions.

As part of the show the daredevils from Nitro Circus will perform tricks on BMX, FMX, scooters and skates amongst some other contraptions- in the past they have done tricks whilst sitting in a bath with wheels! They will perform stunts and tricks off of ramps of multiple heights, displaying their athleticism and reckless bravery.

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