Harry McArthur


The Nitro Circus tour is hitting the UK and France in two weeks, coming to the SSE Hydro in Glasgow on the 21st of November. The show will feature multiple X-Game medallists as well as several Nitro Games world champions.

As part of the show the daredevils from Nitro Circus will perform tricks on BMX, FMX, scooters and skates amongst some other contraptions- in the past they have done tricks whilst sitting in a bath with wheels! They will perform stunts and tricks off of ramps of multiple heights, displaying their athleticism and reckless bravery.

The mission statement from the Nitro Circus reads, “Nitro Circus was founded by friends with a passion for pushing the limits and having fun in the process. It’s this camaraderie and risk-taking spirit that defines everything we do. We continuously break boundaries in the name of innovation and adventure.”

Travis Pastrana is the headline name; he has won multiple gold medals across multiple X-games events and has said that the upcoming tour is something to look forward to.

“I’m throwing all of my best, and worst, ideas into one incredible two-hour show. Everything I’ve ever wanted to see live, we’re taking on the road. Expect bigger, brand-new ramps, even crazier stunts and so much more. It’s going to be unreal. Look out, though. There might be a few rough landings.”

Amongst the other well-known riders are Harry Bink, Aaron ‘Wheels’ Fotheringham and Ryan Williams. These riders will be pushing their bodies to the extreme and performing tricks and risking their bodies for the entertainment of the audience.

The Nitro Circus was originally formed as a miniseries for MTV and has grown to be the success it is today. Travis Pastrana was the star of the show back then and still is today; he now has a net worth of over $30million.

If getting tickets to this Xtreme sports event is something that interests you, follow the link at the bottom to witness some of the craziest athletes in the world sacrificing their safety for your entertainment.