Seven hot lads you can ACTUALLY meet at Stirling University gym

Admit it, even during heart-attack treadmill workouts you’ll never miss a chance to catch a glimpse of a good looking guy exercising nearby. And, to be honest, not only glimpse. According to research from men’s activewear brand Differio, 6% of gym visitors have taken a guy’s number to meet them later. Think about it; you could get a six pack and sex pack simultaneously. Both are good for your health and both located just a step away from you at Stirling University Gym.

For some inspiration, we turned Instagram inside out to find the hottest workout selfies. Here are not only seven sickening guys, but also seven good reasons to motivate yourself to join a gym.

This listicle may contain sensitive content. If you feel insecure about scrolling men’s physical excellence, please check this best on-campus puppy.

1. Cameron is serving Men At Work realness. 

2. How long does it take to get your number? That’s the real question. 

3. The two-way symmetrical model! 

4. Pick him up, girl! 

5. Never miss a leg day! 

6. Catch me if you can. 

7. Technically it’s not a gym photo, but Chris Stannage aka @thatstannage, Animal Biology BSc from Stirling Uni, has us going wild with this shot. 

Nowadays sports facilities are like an offline Grinder (or Tinder, if you want). Look at Google’s predictions:

The ‘gym’ option a way more popular than ‘online’ or even ‘how to meet someone famous.’

We can continue adding hot lads to the list, and the next selfie to appear on here could be yours. Healthline’s research reveals you’ll see the first changes from working out after a few weeks of regular exercise. For a significant difference, you’ll need three to four months.

Any of guys listed above will definitely be able to help you with fit tips, along with fitness officers at Stirling Sports Centre. Good luck and keep us posted by using the hashtag #StirMakesMeStrong.

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