Want to be a part of the best team in Scotland?

What is Futsal? 

Futsal is essentially football with a twist. It simplifies some of the awkward rules of football while having a greater emphasis on flair and movement. It involves five players on each team battling for 40 minutes on a pitch roughly the same size as a basketball court. Every time the ball goes out of bound the time is stopped, eradicating the ability for players to time waste.

Why play Futsal?

Before futsal I played football the old-fashioned British way, kicking the ball long and hoping for the best. Yet, after learning the core skills of futsal I was able to understand and appreciate the beautiful game of football. Many a footballing great has been forged by futsal Don’t just take my word for it why not listen to what world-famous footballer Cristiano Ronaldo has to say about it:

“The small paying area helped me improve my close control making me a better player. Whenever I played futsal I felt free”.

If futsal is good enough for the likes of five time Ballon d’Or winner and an overall cool guy Cristiano Ronaldo then its good enough for the likes of us mere mortals!

Why Stirling University Futsal Team?

Stirling university futsal team boast an impressive total of accolades from their brief history. Not only have they been Stirlingshire champions every year since its creation, Scottish Universities’ champion twice, and have also represented Stirling at the highest level in Scotland, narrowly missing out on a Champions League place in 2015.
That may seem pretty daunting but Stirling University Futsal is for all. This is why we have a total of three teams meaning we can accommodate for seasoned veterans as well as the newcomer to the sport.

How do I Join?

If Futsal sounds like the sport for you then you can find out more on their Twitter and Facebook pages. Here you can also drop them a message with any questions you may have. You can also find more out on the University of Stirling Futsal Club page on the Student Union website. Failing that, reply to this blog post and I’ll be more than happy to provide you with more details of my time playing Futsal at Stirling.

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