Life Is A Cabaret At Stir!

Are you bored of listening to your friends screeching karaoke songs in the Union? Are the drunken moves in Fubar getting old? Are you in need of some first-class live entertainment?


The Stirling Musical Theatre Society (SMTS) have been working their talented socks off in preparation for their annual cabaret night!

Get down to Venue on Friday 9th November for an extravaganza of singing, dancing and acting performances.  The cabaret is a laid-back take on performing and the bar will be open throughout, I’ve heard a pint and a performance is a great combo!

The night, full of jazz hands and showstopping acts, will showcase the talents of the all singing-all dancing group as well as giving a sneak peek into their larger scale productions later in the year.

The exciting theme for this year’s cabaret has yet to be revealed, but keep an eye on the SMTS Facebook page for an event to pop up soon that will reveal all information on what to expect and how to buy tickets. Keep your eyes peeled around campus too, where posters and committee members will be spreading the word.

The committee and members, who meet for weekly musical theatre workshops and rehearsals,  have been carrying out auditions ahead of the showcase on 9th November.

Sinead Buckley, 4th year Animal Biology student and Secretary for the society, says the best thing about their society is it’s approach to individual members needs.

“We offer opportunities for everyone to be involved and have fun, regardless of their level of involvement. No one is forced to audition for shows, it is completely up to our members to decide how they want to be involved.”


Although the societies talents could give Broadway stars a run for their money, they don’t feel their members should feel the pressure that the big names do! Finding a balance between studying and extra-curricular is something a lot of students struggle with. The society wants to boost the good vibes, and lets their members decide what they are comfortable participating in.

“We had a really good turnout for the auditions this year, with loads of new members which was exciting! Before the audition, the directors ask if there is anything we don’t want to take part in. The atmosphere was great, and not at all competitive, everyone was buzzing, chatting away and encouraging each other.”

The society prides itself on the friendships that blossom within it. They work amazingly together as a team during rehearsals and enjoy spending time out with them together too.  Sinead thinks that is what ensures the success of their committee.

“Our aim is to provide a welcoming and friendly environment that encourages people to come out of their shells and make friends.




Everyone puts so much effort in, and it shows in the performances. The audience can expect to see the best our society has to offer and will be thoroughly entertained, whilst we are on stage doing what we love with our friends.”

The cabaret will be the societies first public performance of the year, and it’s set to sell out. Later in the year, they are expecting tickets to fly out the door for their annual Spring Musical, written directed and produced by a committee member.

To keep up to date with how to get your hands on some tickets, follow Stirling Musical Theatre Society Facebook and Instagram and Twitter. find out all the info about the society access their webpage .

If you, or anyone you know, are interested in joining SMTS, drop them an email.


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