Love Football? Hate The Cold Scottish Weather? Try Futsal!

Scotland is home to many great things. You have the biggest rivalry in world football, the enchanting highlands, lovely lochs, even exquisite cuisine (if you count deep-fried Mars bars as food!) However what Scotland doesn’t have is a Mediterranean-like climate… So, to see the enchanting highland or an Old Firm game you have to brave gale force winds and torrential rain. Want the solution? Try futsal. 

What Is futsal?

Born in the depths of the favela’s in Brazil, Futsal is an adapted version football which has a bigger emphasis on tactics, and technique. To force people to play with their heads the game makes everything smaller. This includes; smaller pitch, smaller ball, smaller teams, and a reduced time limit due to its intensity. 

Unfortunately, the Scottish weather isn’t as forgiving as the Brazilians, meaning it is played indoors away from the pouring rain, reducing the chances of you getting pneumonia while exercising by up to 99%!

It is the only form of indoor football to be approved by FIFA and is currently played in over 100 different countries with an estimated total of 12 million players. It recently became the fastest growing sport in Scotland, with the creation of the National Super League last year and UEFA offering one Champions League place to the winners, there has never been a better time to get involved in Futsal. This all may sound daunting but Stirling caters to all skill levels and has teams in several different leagues, meaning, there’s a team for everyone.

But don’t worry we understand you may not be as technically gifted as Lionel Messi or have as much creative flair as Cristiano Ronaldo but Stirling Uni Futsal is for those with a positive mindset. Our ‘Give It A Go’ session is there to give you your first real taste of the sport.

What do the Pros think?

Most of your favourite footballers started their journey to stardom through Futsal. Some of them even call it one of the key ingredients to their success. If it’s good enough for them then its good enough for you.

Cristiano Ronaldo 

Whenever I played Futsal I felt free

Neymar Jr. 

When you’re out there playing futsal you have to think fast and play smart. Its all about creativity

Lionel Messi 

It was tremendous fun, It made me who I am today

What will it entail?

The session will include a quick rundown of the sport where we explain the rules and how it is played (don’t worry, its pretty simple) and then we will get to the good stuff! A round robin tournament where you can meet your potential teammates (and new best friends) while playing your new favourite sport (we hope).

What you need to know?

📆 When: 21st of October

📍Where: Gannochy Sports Centre

 Time: 9:30AM – 12pm

So, if you fancy saying goodbye to random hail storms and never-ending frostbite, give futsal a chance! To find out more about the team follow our Twitter and Facebook page. You can also find out more about the team on the University of Stirling Clubs page on Student Union Website. Better yet, check out our promotional video made in collaboration with @AirTVOnline

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